Adventure Yacht – Pantanal

pantanal adventure safai yacht fishing

The ADVENTURE YACHT is a modern, comfortable and safe boat, fully equipped to attend groups of ecological and fisherman tourist.
The crew, well trained, experienced and very educated, will complete the pleasure of visiting the pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The pantanal is the biggest ecological sanctuary on the planet with approach area of 230.000 square km, also with the biggest hydrographic basin of the continent, form by rivers, bay and streams.
In the rivers Miranda and Aquidauana, considered by scientist two of the most fertile rivers of Brazil, cacháras, pintado, dorado, pacus and other species wait for fisherman to practice the most glad and relaxing sport of the world.
In the PANORAMIC DECK of the YACHT ADVENTURE, the tourist will be able to contemplate the superabundance of the fauna and the flora, natural beauties and sunset in the Pantanal. He will still be able, to film or to photograph alligators, water pigs, wild monkeys, storks and other birds and animals.

Embark in the ADVENTURE YACHT on Sundays afternoon, in Passo do Lontra. You would fish Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Disembark on Friday after breakfast.

Tax of embarkment and parking;

New aluminum boats with 6m of length and high edge, motor of poop of 15hp and boat pilot (1 set for each two fisherman);

In each boat: baiter’s box, fishing chairs, vests life-guard, thermal box,  sun umbrellas and spot light with battery;

Three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner);

Bed and bath clothing;

Ice for thermal boxes and cubes for drinks;

Three trophies for the first places in the categories of: greater pintado, dourado and pacu;

Oil for energy generation and displacement of the Adventure Yacht until the fishing spot;

Fixed crew: an edge commander, vice commander, manager, a sailor, a assistant and two cooks; Boat pilot, one for each two fisherman.


Bates,drinks and fishing boat’s gasoline.


Regional Bait necessary for fishing (lambari, curimba, cambota, truvira, jejum, muçum, crab, jenipapo, tucum, moranguinha) and missô. The bait  to be used, will be up to 4 different types for trip and will depend on the one that the fish will be eating at the time (without consumption limit);

Drinks: beer, soft drinks, mineral water, whisky, vodka (in doses or caipiroska), brandy, cachaças, Campari, Martini, rum and liquors (without consumption limit);
Fishing boats gasoline (Without consumption limit).