Barra Mansa is located at a rural environment: a humble place to relax and enjoy nature.
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Barra Mansa Pantanal

A brief history:

Barra Mansa Farm was founded by Aniceto Rondon,  in the 1940s, when he inherited the land.

Aniceto was the cousin of Marechal Cândido Rondon, a legendary explorer in the west of Brazil, and a pioneer at the protection of indigenous communities.

Jandyra, Aniceto’s wife, was an enthusiast of visual arts, music and poetry. She was responsible for the farm’s name, inspired by its location in a soft curve of the river “Rio Negro”.

The farmhouse was built near the river. The many bedrooms and common areas were the retreat sanctuary of the family during holidays. Therefore, the idea of transforming the place into a hotel was born from the many pleasant times Ancieto’s family lived there.

So, in 1996, the awarded musician and writer Guilherme London, Ancieto’s grandson, opened Barra Mansa’s gates for visitors.

fazenda Barra Mansa

The warm hosting features of Rondon Barros family is still present today. Daniel, Guilherme’s son, is the present owner, and is waiting for your visit with his little son, Antonio.

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Meet Barra Mansa Hotel

Infra-structure and services

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Meet our Services and Facilities

Pantanal Barra Mansa - fazenda de noite

Our maximum capacity is of 17 people spread around double, triple and quadruple rooms.

Hotel Fazenda Barra Mansa - apartamento

We also offer a private house, equipped with a mini fridge, a common living room, two bedrooms and one bathroom. An ideal option for families or friends traveling together.

A warm reception and a familiar environment: Barra Mansa has a special way of welcoming its visitors. All of the apartments are equipped with screen protections against mosquitoes, electric showers, air conditioner, and a fan.

Common areas

Hammock center
Souvenir store with local handicrafts


Telephones available
Satellite Television


Fishing equipment for rent
Private landing strip

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Meet Hotel Barra Mansa

Special Vacation Packages - Pantanal Viagens e Turismo

Rates upon consultation
Rates upon consultation

Pantanal Ecotour

Hotel Barra Mansa

Canadian canoes for 3 people, with easy conduction, take you on a direct and intense experience with Pantanal’s waters.
There is no need for previous experience, suitable at any age.

Nature’s harmonic sounds can be enjoyed down the river. It is very likely that you get surprised by wildlife during the experience, specially if you do it early in the morning.

When Pantanal’s water starts to dry, canoeing can be done at the crystal waters of Vazante do Castelo. You are invited to delicious swims, as well as fish, water plants, alligators and stingrays watching.

Barra Mansa provides an authentic experience of a farmer’s routine in Pantanal. How about accompanying our farm workers handling the cattle and the horses, harvesting vegetables, or taking care of chickens and sheep?

Here you can learn to feed and cure new born calves. Participate in the milking of the cows and help the cook make cheese and “doce de leite”.

If you are lucky, you can experience the passage of a herd of cattle through the farm. We offer a place to sleep for the cattlemen, responsible for conducting up to 1000 cows through Pantanal’s roads. They usually spend the night by the river and conduct the cattle through the water in the dawn.

The daily activities consist of a warm invitation to interact with the locals and the rural world.

Riding a horse, you can have the traditional vision of a pantaneiro. Riding in Barra Mansa allows you to experience cattle handling, different techniques of horse breeding, and also explore fields of receding waters, cerrados, mountain ranges, bays and salt pans. In those sceneries you can watch birds and other wild animals of pantanal.

If you never rode a horse, this is the perfect opportunity to try! Our horses are docile and obedient, with a comfortable seat: instead of using regular settles, we use typical harness from Pantanal, which can be used by people of any age.

Horse riding lovers find itinerary options in Barra Mansa that maximize the contact with the animals and the cattlemen of Pantanal. The tour of an entire day includes a traditional lunch in the field, as it is done in Pantanal’s cattle herd handling.

And if you are looking for an even more intense horse riding experience, you can request a journey of two ore more days, with an overnight stay in a camping site built specially for this experience. But please, don’t forget to request the tour in advance, so we can prepare everything for you.

You can enjoy a hike around the farm, enjoying the typical vegetation of Pantanal: mountain ranges, capões, drainages, and areas of cerrado, where one can find the typical wildlife and plants.

Bird watching is one of the high points of hiking, tens of different species come to our farm daily. Besides, capivaras and quatis, deers, tamanduás and queixadas are seen constantly due to the silent approximation conducted by wise guides from Pantanal.

The farm has many hike trails with different distances, making it possible to be enjoyed at any age.

Udu, surucuá, colhereiro, urutau, arara azul, tucano, periquito, jacutinga, maçarico, garça, tuiuiú, socó, curicaca… Those and other 650 bird species chose Pantanal’s skies to live in.

Some birds, which are considered of rare observation, are right beside our farm’s headquarters. Barra Mansa offers an appropriate structure for bird watching. Our guides know the exact location of natural bird nurseries and the best places of approximation. Nonetheless, they will gladly help you to identify the different species and bird sounds.

We offer specific tours of bird watching. Each specie is looked for with care by our guides, so they can be observed and photographed safely.

In Barra Mansa’s library you can also find the best specialized literature regarding ornithology.

The sinuous river Rio Negro provides a rewarding contact with the untouched nature of its riversides. Our boats are equipped with silent electric motors to avoid any negative impacts in Pantanal’s environment.

Rio Negro is considered the most conserved river of Pantanal due to the lack of villages by the riversides. Therefore, during our rides it is just you and nature.

Every day you can go to a different curve of the river, or explore the calm bays hidden in the landscapes around it.

While you swim in the river or relax in one of its beaches, nature will unravel around you: families of giant otters can choose the same spot for a swim, a kingfisher can come capture its lunch near you, or Hyacinth Macaws can fly just above you, showing off their beautiful feathers in an unique choreography.

Let Rio Negro’s harmony inspire you.

Rio Negro, protected by a special fishing legislation, is the home of pintados, dourados, piraputangas, piaus and pacus. Because of its special protection, it is only possible to practice catch and release fishing in its waters.

The fishes are small compared to other rivers of Bacia do Prata. However, its abundance guarantees a lot of emotion for fishermen.

Our boat drivers know each curve of the river. They know the sizes of the fishes and the amount that can be fished for degustation in the Hotel.

The maximum limit of boats in the water is four. Therefore, the exclusivity of the fishing spot is guaranteed.

Equipped motor boats and boat drivers specialized in Fly Fishing make Barra Mansa the only specialized destination in this category in south Pantanal.

You can purchase a specific sport fishing tour during your stay, or include it with other ecotourism activities.

Barra Mansa has fishing equipments available for rent and experienced boat drivers to guide you to the best fishing spots, all of them near our headquarters. Get your equipment and let the river take care of the rest.

A customized 4WD car takes you for a beautiful experience in Pantanal’s scenery, enjoying its wildlife with comfort.

In this tour, you can explore areas of hard access, which cannot be reached by hike or horse ride. It is the best option to get to know the area with kids or if you have limited mobility.

The sunset is a spectacle that can be admired from many different areas of the farm during the safari. We always guarantee exclusive photos.

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